Perfect Balance, Maximum Flexibility

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Luxo’s magnifiers are specially designed to maximize horizontal and vertical movement. They provide significant horizontal reach, and will always stay in the right position without drifting. The arms are balanced by spring systems which ensure smooth and easy positioning – no knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust.

Friction free lamp head movements

The ability to position the lens and direct the light exactly where needed is the hallmark of Luxo’s illuminated magnifiers. The flexibility of the lamp head means that it is easy to adjust the magnifier for your personal needs.

It is the combination of arm and head movements that determines the degree of flexibility in a magnifier. Luxo’s magnifiers are highly flexible, offering a combination of the three all-important head movements:

  • Horizonal side-to-side movement (yaw)
  • Up and down movement (tilt)
  • Rotation around a horizontal axis (roll)

The flexibility of the self-balancing arm and friction-free joint between the lamp head and arm makes exact positioning easy.

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The History of our Illuminated Magnifiers

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Luxo’s history of lighting for the individual began with the development of the L-1 task light in 1937. The freedom of movement and the ability to place the light exactly where it was needed, forever changed the way task lights are used.

L-1 was designed by Luxo’s founder, the Norwegian industrialist Jac Jacobsen, and is still in production today. The lamp arm is balanced by springs that work on the action and reaction principle of human arm muscles.

Jac Jacobsen (1901-1996) was in his thirties when he launched Luxo L-1. He soon realized that his spring-arm would carry a variety of different luminaires for various purposes, including illuminated magnifiers.

Jac Jacobsen soon realized that his spring-balanced arm would carry a variety of different luminaires, including illuminated magnifiers, for numerous purposes. The decades following saw Luxo’s development of a range of illuminated magnifiers for industrial applications, electronics, therapy and cosmetology, low vision and the healthcare sector.

Modern range of arm-based magnifiers

Naturally, Luxo’s range of products has been vastly expanded since those early days. However, the philosophy and knowledge from the development of the L-1 is still maintained in all of Luxo’s modern products. Today Luxo’s range of illuminated magnifiers comprises a wide variety of arm technologies, with internal or external springs. They all have perfect balance, and careful ergonomics built into them.

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Magnifiers for Cosmetology, Low Vision, Cosmetics and Healthcare

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Luxo magnifiers are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in cosmetology, health salons and beauty spas, as well as in the healthcare sector. Our illuminated magnifiers are also excellent tools for people with impared vision.

With no knobs to tighten and nothing to adjust, the highly flexible, self-balancing shade allows the lamp head to be positioned horizontally, vertically and laterally.

Cosmetology and cosmetics

Luxo magnifiers are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in cosmetology, health salons and beauty spas.

Low vision

Many adults require strong glasses or magnifiers to focus on closely viewed objects. With a range of magnification levels, lenses and mounting options, Luxo’s magnifiers are used to improve the quality of life for those with low vision.


Illuminated magnifiers are used in hospital laboratories, and for examining patients. Excellent colour rendering is needed when examining human skin, and to distinguish between different types of tissue.

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